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Coriander seed market | Coriander price in gujarat

Coriander seeds have many properties that are rich in potassium, iron, vitamins A, K, and C, folic acid and magnesium. Coriander seedlings are rich in antioxidant and dietary fiber properties, which can increase liver function and also regulate gut movements.

Coriander seeds is an amazing seed that has antibacterial benefits that can help ease cholera, typhoid, and food poisoning.

according to the study, Coriander seeds can also help control diabetes. According to researchers, Coriander seed extract contains compounds that, when injected into the bloodstream, produce insulin secretion and insulin-like movement that controls the amount of glucose.

Also, Some studies have shown that coriander seed increases insulin secretion from pancreatic beta cells.

Researchers from the Florida Research Institute found that coriander seeds contain ethanol, which reduces blood glucose or glucose levels.

However, researchers recommend that diabetics who are taking medication to lower their blood glucose levels consult a doctor before using coriander seeds.

Chemical compounds:

There are one hundred grams of coriander in the following materials:

  • Water 7.5 grams.
  • Fatty substances 15 g.
  • Cellulose 38 g.
  • Essence 1 g.
  • Oxalic acid 12 mg.
  • Calcium 170 mg.
  • Vitamin A 200 units.
  • Vitamin C 50 mg.
  • The fatty ingredients of coriander are composed of oleic acid, palmitic acid, linoleic acid, and petrochemical acid.
  • In coriander leaves, a lot of vitamins A and C are found.

The above mentioned items are part of the benefits of this magic plant, for this reason, Coriander Seeds prices market is lucrative.

Coriander seed market

How big is a coriander seed?

Coriander is a herbaceous plant, The height of the coriander is 80 cm. Its leaves appear in two forms: those that grow in the base of the stem and are serrated, and the other grows along the stem.

Stems, leaves and fruits of coriander are the components that can be used. The coriander is round and yellowish. The smell is not delicate and almost foolish, but the bad smell of the plant disappears due to drying, even the Latin name of coriander is derived from the Greek word Korio, which means it’s Smelly.

Coriander grows from seeds. Coriander seeds can be harvested by cutting off flowers. When harvesting coriander seeds, shake the flower to remove the seeds. Put seeds in a cool and dry place until planting. To use seeds for planting, the seeds of the seeds should be broken, so put the seeds in water for 2 days, and then let the seeds dry. After doing this, seeds are ready for planting. Coriander seeds should be planted at a depth of 0/5 centimetres. The length of germination of coriander seeds takes one to three weeks. Coriander should be planted directly in the original pot and should not be seeded coriander. If the coriander is not picked up on time, it becomes a flower. To plant coriander, you should use a good soil with good drainage. To increase drainage, some sand may be mixed with soil. To plant coriander, you should use a pot of at least 20 centimetres. Ensure that the pot has enough drainage holes.

You can harvest coriander three times before it becomes a flower. Wait until the coriander is 15 cm and then harvest it. All parts of coriander are edible and in order for the coriander to stay fresh, coriander stems should be placed in a glass of water, then they will be fresh for a few days.

How do you use coriander seeds?

Coriander seed market
how to use coriander seeds?

The formula for removing haemorrhoids:

Spread about 10 grams of coriander seeds in a pan and heat it to brownish, then powder it and mix it with vinegar and drink it for a few days to remove the haemorrhoids.

To fix the dander:

Apply about 10 grams of coriander seeds in four litres of water and let it asp into the volume to reach 1 litre. Cool it slightly and gargle in your mouth to relieve toothache.

To wash your mouth and teeth:

Spoon a teaspoon of coriander powder in a glass of boiling water and boil for 5 minutes with gentle heat, then gargle it to wash your mouth, teeth and throat.

Strengthening the Body System with Coriander seeds:

Mix the powdered coriander seeds in equal proportions with sugar or honey. This mixture is very useful for strengthening the body.

Stomach Function Improvement:

Using coriander seeds strengthens the stomach and helps digest it with food. Coriander is a disinfectant of the stomach and intestines and has antibacterial properties. For this purpose, eat 2 to 5 grams of coriander seeds in raw form.

cough treatment:

To relieve throat pain, they use coriander seeds. 10 to 30 grams of coriander in a litre of boiling water and drink tea like it.

What is the difference between cilantro and coriander?

Coriander seed market

People who do not know the benefits of Coriander have an important question. What is the difference between cilantro and coriander? The answer to the question of these people should be that there is no difference between the two names. cilantro and coriander are the names of a plant that is used to treat many diseases.

Coriander is an edible seed originally discovered in the regions of Europe and North Africa (Mediterranean region). Coriander seeds are popular among Asian peoples. Because of the properties of coriander seeds, most people in the East, such as China and India, use it as a spice in foods.

where to buy coriander seedsYou can buy this plant fresh or dried or powdered from the stores. coriander seeds market price is cheap and affordable in comparison to its benefits. coriander seeds today rate is about $ 3 per kilogram.

Can you eat coriander seeds raw?

Coriander seed market
The answer to this question is yes. Most doctors and nutrition advisers Advise their patients to eat coriander in raw form. Because coriander and other herbs and vegetables, if cooked, lose their vitamins and benefits. But do not use raw coriander for people with digestive problems, because Digest coriander is difficult and can cause pain in the stomach and intestines. The nutritional value and important ingredients in raw coriander include sodium, potassium, carbohydrates, dietary fiber, protein, vitamins A, C, B6, calcium, iron, and magnesium.

Can I use coriander seeds instead of ground coriander?

Coriander seed market

Yes. coriander seeds, such as ground coriander, are rich in nutritional benefits and can use coriander seeds instead of ground coriander. Many people do not like all food because of their different taste. Coriander is one of the herbs that all its parts are edible. earth coriander is used to lower blood pressure, renal and bladder stones, and eliminate water accumulation in the lungs. This’s juice better for sinusitis.

What are the benefits of coriander seeds?

Coriander seed market
Hippocrates knew the plant and used it to treat various diseases. In the Middle Ages, they treated sexual weakness with coriander. Old doctors believed that coriander prevented the spread of diseases, so they ordered the people with Measles disease to rub coriander water around their eyes so that Measles disease did not spread to the eyes.

The unique benefits of coriander seeds include: 

  1. Due to the combination of synovial and linoleic acids in coriander seeds, the spice is known as anti rheumatism and arthritis drug.
  2. When the urine is slowly and thoroughly repelled, coriander seed can be a miracle, extract excess water out of the body.
  3. Due to the presence of acidic compounds (linoleic and sinwell) in coriander seeds, it can be used to treat inflammation and skin lesions such as itching, eczema, and dry skin.
  4. Coriander seeds are also useful for increasing hair growth.
  5. Coriander seeds consumption due to acidic compounds (oleic, stearic, palmitic) reduces the production of harmful cholesterol and instead increases the beneficial cholesterol in the body. With low levels of harmful cholesterol in the body, the risk of developing blood clots in the blood vessels is reduced, and the person is protected from attacks and strokes.
  6. Another benefit of coriander seed helps improve digestive function. This seed contains essential oils such as cinhalol and beryllium that can be helpful in relieving gastric disorder, treating diarrhoea, and preventing nausea and vomiting.
  7. Eating coriander seeds due to It has a lot of calcium also prevents the deterioration and osteoporosis of the bones.
  8. Coriander seeds reduce the risk of annihilation of nerve cells during ageing and protect the nervous system well.
  9. Insulin secretion from the pancreatic gland increases with coriander eating and improves the function of the metabolic system.
  10. Coriander seeds regulate menstruation in women.
  11. Coriander seeds reduce the risk of cataracts and damage the yellow spot in old age. Also, swelling of the eye, which is one of the common eye diseases, is well treated for its antimicrobial properties.
  12. The use of coriander seeds eliminates seasonal allergies in humans.

Are coriander and cumin the same thing?

coriander seed market
No, These two plants are completely separate and different, and their seeds do not have the same 5555 similarities. Herbaceous cumin is at a maximum height of half a meter. The stems of this plant are straight and biconvex. Its root is narrow and tall and white. Cumin is chili powder and is used as a flavouring in a variety of food products. Cumin and coriander have similar benefits in many cases.

The presence of vitamin E in the cumin acts as an antioxidant. Vitamin E helps to strengthen the capillary wall in the skin. This improves moisture and elasticity in the skin, and as a result, the cumin acts as a natural anti-wrinkle agent. Studies have shown that vitamin E helps reduce inflammation in the body and skin. And it rejuvenates the skin.

The antioxidants in the cumin protect the skin from cancer when the skin is exposed to cigarette smoke or ultraviolet radiation (sunlight). Cumin also helps to treat eczema and acne symptoms. Another benefit of vitamin E in cumin is that it speeds up skin regeneration. Because it increases the rate of cell regeneration, it can be used to treat wounds, acne and wrinkles.

Cumin is very useful for fighting viral infections and diseases such as colds or flu. Cumin is very useful even for the bacteria that are commonly found in the gut of the elderly and animals, and some of its species causes severe abdominal pain, diarrhoea and vomiting.

Cumin contains cinnamon, thymol and phosphorus that are good detoxifying agents. Phosphorus helps to excrete urine and is also important for kidney function.

What are the side effects of coriander?

Coriander seed market
Side effects of excessive consumption of coriander seeds:

1- Heartburn

Coriander is a good treatment for many digestive problems. Coriander is known as a gastric bulging outlet facilitator of the gastrointestinal tract. But while these healing properties may lead to another set of digestive problems. Heartburn is one of these problems that may occur with excessive coriander consumption.

2 – damage to the liver

The oil in coriander seeds is highly unstable, and excessive consumption of coriander over a long period of time can cause damage to the liver and kidneys. This oil is used in animals to prevent or treat muscle spasm.

3 – burp

Coriander may also cause bloating. The cause of burping in most cases is due to the arrival of air with food or drink to the stomach. Therefore, bloating of the bowel and stomach is removed through the mouth. Although burp is not a problem, it may cause embarrassment!

4 – Abortion

Excessive coriander consumption may cause abortion in pregnant women or the induction of preterm labour. Therefore, pregnant women should not use a large amount of this seed.

5. Decreased blood glucose

The high consumption of coriander reduces blood glucose.

6. Heavy menstruation

Taking large amounts of coriander seeds leads to high bleeding during menstruation. It is better to use it with caution during this period.

7 – Addictive effects

High levels of coriander can be addictive because coriander has opiate properties. It can also lead to drowsiness, nausea, and distortion of mind.

8 – People with diabetes should not eat coriander!

As stated, coriander quickly reduces blood glucose levels. People with diabetes should always be monitored for their blood glucose, and glucose swelling is not good enough for their health. Therefore, diabetics do not consume coriander, or if they are forced to eat, be sure to observe moderation.

9 – Allergy

Excessive consumption of coriander causes skin irritation and allergies. People who are allergic to using coriander Take caution in using it.

Again we emphasize that coriander has unique therapeutic properties. But all the natural ingredients in nature, such as coriander, will be followed by continuous and unnecessary side effects. So do not worry, and just keep up the moderation to enjoy the benefits of this great Miraculous plant without any problems.

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