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Coriander seeds Supply | Greatest Organic Coriander seeds Supply and Distribute in Iran

coriander seed supply is easy in this site. Once opened, the coriander seeds are packed. Spicy Coriander Spice. Coriander seeds fragrance is a recipe for French cafes. Reminds you of local cafes. And they learn the beautiful and multicolored Indian food. The taste of her spices is very diverse. And it creates your most emotional feelings. Coriander flavor is a flavor of life. The fragrance is fresh and fresh. With a coriander flavor, take a cup of tea with your family. Sit down with an old talk. And live your life. Try the flavor of coriander in food and drink. An old but powerful personality sucker. Going to a cafe city walk. Eat a new meal with coriander flavor. Or try a different mess. And soothe the autumn evening. It’s a fact that these golden and sweet coriander seeds give us. coriander suppliers  are mostly in Iran, India and Russia.

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Coriander seeds Supply

Coriander seed production story

Coriander seeds Supply

Coriander is referred to French coriandre la. The origin and the cradle does not exactly mean anyone to cultivate coriander. But Africa and the Middle East are the goddess of Anand. Then, about 400 years ago, he went to Africa and Central Asia. The coriander age in China and Asia-Pacific is also about 3000 years ago. From there to the countries of the Mediterranean region, the cultivation has grown.

As Mr. Schlumiz writes in his botanical book. Coriander is planted almost everywhere in the world. Because water needs little to grow. It also grows well in hot weather. And use it as a vegetable. And commoners believe that this vegetable is cold. And diminishes sexual power. Kill the coriander seeds with sugar. And they believe that it will strengthen the general body. Because coriander seeds have a lot of nutritional value. They use coriander seeds in sweets to make them aromatic. It also makes digestion easy.

Coriander seed strengthens the stomach and intestines and digestive system. It also removes abdominal bloating. Coriander seedlings also have a diuretic effect.

Cultivation of the coriander began on a regular basis from the sixteenth century in Asia and Europe. And today it is used for pharmaceutical purposes in different parts of the world. Because it is easily cultivated. And cultivated. Coriander fruit has a rich, fragrant essential oil. This plant has been introduced as a herbal medicine in most herbal categories. The special odor and flavor of coriander is due to its essential oils.

This essential oil is used in the food and pharmaceutical industry. And is used in cosmetic and soft drinks products. In the sweets and candy industry. And also used in the pharmaceutical industry.

World coriander manufacturers

The annual coriander production in the world reaches over 250 thousand tons. About 65% of it is produced by Russia. The country harvest 100,000 tons of coriander annually. Russia also annually produces 1000 tons of coriander essential oil. Extracts the essential oil by steam distillation. Today coriander seeds suppliers in tamilnadu are offering good price.

Sore throat treatment and coriander

Coriander seeds Supply Take about 4 teaspoons in a glass of boiling water. Wait about 10 minutes to get ready. Eat first. Coriander seeds are good for the respiratory tract. Then take a glass of it. Your cholera is getting better. Sore throat is mainly due to accumulation of bacteria in throat . The antibacterial coriander. In external use, such as foreign wounds, coriander powder or oil is useful . It is useful for the preparation of ointment for joints. For the pain of rheumatic, muscular and articular diseases. In coriander seeds, there are some vitamins that are appetizing. Which is useful to fragrant a variety of meat dishes. Like burgers and pizzas.

Selected Medicinal Coriander

Selected Medicinal Coriander Nearly 350,000 plant species have identified in the world. Of these, approximately 10% are medicinal plants. Of the plant species of the world, 35,000 of which are medicinal. That is, about one tenth of the plant species. They have pharmaceutical compounds. Of these, about 3% of it has high-grade medicinal properties. This 3% has vast pharmaceutical and industrial applications. They are in the row of medicinal and aromatic herbs. Of these herbs, about 1% means only 450 species are the most widely used and rare drugs.

Coriander is from this group. And species are very useful and valuable. These considered as industrial herbs. Plant species widespread. In this respect, they are like plants, such as wheat and cotton and bacon. And some of them are sold in pharmacies. Try to use coriander seeds suppliers price in India.

Coriander powder use

Coriander powder use In the preparation of some flavored coriander powder or its extracted oil or essential is useful . In the bake of some breads and sweets, especially in Europe, coriander powder is useful . Use coriander seeds suppliers price in India.

In addition, coriander is added to juice. It is useful to taste juice. Coriander seed extract can be useful to taste wine. Try coriander seeds suppliers price in India.

• Eating coriander seeds, disinfects and strengthens the stomach and intestines. It is a cream and helps digest it with food for 3.5 grams of coriander seeds.

• Boiled coriander seeds or eating eggplants improves bloody diarrhea and infectious diseases of the intestine like typhoid fever because it is highly microbicides.

• Cure night care with coriander and rose water

• Improvement of urea Blend a spoonful of coriander seeds

• Dilatation and bloating of coriander seeds are very beneficial

Fresh Coriander seed suppliers in India

Fresh Coriander seed suppliers in India

Coriander is a valuable medicinal plant. Which is very much considered and used in traditional medicine in Iran and India. Because it is rich in aromatic and protein-rich oils. Which improves the digestive system. It performs better on the digestive system. Consequently, coriander seed is good at appetite and digestive problems. Anorexia is caused by digestive disorders. In anorexia caused by insomnia, coriander is also effective. Coriander juice balances gastric acidity. It is also very useful for the removal of diarrhea and vomiting and stomach infections.

It works to strengthen the stomach wall. Coriander seeds are rich in potassium. And it has a high nutritional value. Because the good source of vitamins and elements is scarce for the body. Among these vitamins, vitamins A, B can be mentioned. The group has B vitamins completely. C, E, and E can be pointed out. Coriander is also rich in minerals such as selenium and potassium and sodium. It contains potassium or iron. And potassium use is necessary for people with hemophilia. Coriander has a sedative effect. As a result, it has been used in the combination of antispasmodic and sedative medicines. And it improves overall body and nervous performance.  coriander seeds price per kg in india is very affordable.

The condition of coriander seed supply in stocks

The condition of coriander seed supply in stocks

Coriander herbs are exported to Germany and Pakistan after harvest. Germany is the ultimate recipient of the coriander product of the world. The possibility of storing and preserving coriander seeds for the producers of this product is often not provided. We should consider exporting fresh coriander seeds to other countries.

Coriander because it is cultivated in two autumn and spring seasons. It is taken twice. And every 2 to 4 tons per hectare. And the farmer can plant another crop instead of cultivating it. Coriander seedlings have a special place among farmers as a result of water stress.

Why Iran is exporting Fresh Coriander seeds more than others?

 Why Iran is exporting Fresh Coriander seeds more than others? Iran and Russia produce the best-quality coriander and coriander seeds in the world. There is no detailed information on the origin of this coriander plant. But botanists say it is native to Africa and Central Asia. The plant is also a grassy coriander with a height of 50 to 180 cm. Its root is up to 50 cm deep.

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