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rate Sell Coriander Seed Top Quality | Dried Coriander seed 2019

rate Sell Coriander Seed Top Quality

Rate Sell Coriander Seed Top Quality. Ecological needs of coriander؟ Herbal coriander is light-coloured. And during the course of it, it needs a lot of light. It needs 900 to 940 hours of brightness from its inception to the end of flowering. And it needs a total of 1400 to 1500 hours of light during the growth period. The seeds are able to withstand temperatures of -8 to -10 degrees Celsius. Plants are more resistant in the early stages of growth, ie at the 4-6 leaf stage. And very low temperatures (-16 to -18 degrees Celsius) without any damage. However, the optimum temperature is 19 degrees. It means 18 to 20 degrees Celsius from the time of its emergence to the completion of the fruit. Although the seeds bud at 4 to 6 degrees Celsius. But the optimum temperature for germination is 12 to 15 degrees Celsius.

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rate Sell Coriander Seed Top Quality

Cultivar Coriander

Coriander is multiplied by seed. The amount of seed used for coriander production is 10 to 15 kg per hectare. In crop water and 25 to 35 kilograms per hectare. For dry farming. Before planting, the seeds should be rubbed with hands or feet. Separate two mesocarp. If the sheath of the seeds is broken artificially. Germination of coriander seeds will increase. Because it provides better grain access to water. And if two seeds of fruit are washed before planting it is also good. Because they can grow in more favourable conditions. The seeds are then disinfected by fungicide toxins.

The cultivation takes place in two ways: spreading and cultivating in lines. In the second method, the intervals between the rows are 20 to 30 cm. And plant distances of 10 cm. 55 to 33 plants per square meter. The sowing depth should not be more than three centimetres. Seeds that are spread must be mixed with soil with a shredder. Seeds are soaked in cold water for 12 to 24 hours before planting. This can accelerate the germination process.

rate Sell Coriander Seed Top Quality

Moisture & Soil Factors

High humidity causes delays in coriander seedlings. Coriander needs a lot of water in the early stages of growth. The irrigation requirement is reduced after the stem elongation stage. Because the plant’s resistance to drought increases dramatically.

Coriander can be cultivated in both blue and rain. In crop production, this plant grows in almost all types of soil. Provided that sufficient animal husbandry is used. In rainfed conditions, manure is used to increase water holding capacity in the soil. Coriander grows well in soils and clay and moisture.

Soil salts, alkalis and sand are not suitable for coriander cultivation. Suitable soil for coriander cultivation is sandy soil. Or a highly fertile soil. Coriander needs several irrigation steps during its growth. The most important of these are 35 to 45 days, 60 to 70 days, 80 to 90 days, and finally 100 to 110 days.

rate Sell Coriander Seed Top Quality

Coriander seeds in general

In fact, coriander seeds are used initially. Powdered. Gray. A variety of products are obtained from coriander seeds. Mineral oil is extractable from it. Its essential oil is used to make natural perfumes . It is also used for flavoring sweets and chocolates. There are even some sweets called Coriander Sweets. It also has some antioxidant compounds. They have a medicinal application.

It is very famous for the treatment of insomnia. The root of the coriander plant is also very popular due to medical use. And they consider it a natural remedy for relieving fatigue. They consider it a cure for stress and nerves.

Generally, coriander for growth and development needs a lot of light and warmth. It needs enough food and relatively high water. Soils suitable for planting this plant are essential. Soils with loamy texture are appropriate. The pH for coriander is between 9/4 and 2/8. rate Sell Coriander Seed Top Quality.  This is the word of advice.

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